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In 2018’s "We Are Alone Together," Bijou Noir told us the story of breaking up with your entire state of being. So, what comes next?

Bijou Noir’s Augustus Watkins explores what comes after breaking up with your entire state of being while living out of a suitcase, often in extreme isolation, moving from country to country, an ocean away from his hometown of Minneapolis, MN.

Watkins watched from afar as America reeled from the 2016 presidential election and then reckoned with itself during #MeToo and Black Lives Matter, while the songwriter re-examined his own identity, privilege, and uncertain future.

These deeply personal themes became even more culturally relevant, as the world locked down and self-isolated in response to the COVID-19 pandemic and as Americans continued to address their own relationships with white supremacy.

Each song was written on solo ukulele and then arranged into full electro pop productions in remote locations across Western and Central Europe, as well as The Balkans. The songs were completed in Los Angeles and mastered at the legendary Abbey Road Studios in 2021.

World-Weary Electro Pop

Music writers from around the world have called Bijou Noir's work textured, intoxicating, nifty, fuzzy, cinematic, innovative, soulful, incredibly catchy, complex, sinister, offbeat, moody, stunning, gloomy, dark, and enigmatic.

Bijou Noir (formerly ACTN) was formed in 2013 by Augustus Watkins, a creatively restless and ambitious multi-instrumentalist, vocalist, composer, and lyricist.


The Spine in Your Back - Official Video

Do This to Me - Official Video

Drinking Your Words - Official Video

Body Out - Official Visual

Living City - Official Visual


"Transcendent" - Misfit City

"Commanding" - Beehive Candy

"The songs are well crafted, insightful, thought-provoking, and downright enjoyable... An incredible break-out album" - Indie Voice Blog

"Incredibly catchy and complex" - Minnesota Public Radio

"Ominous" - Gimme Noise

"Among the most innovative acts in EDM" - Noiseporn

"The spiritual offspring of NIN." - 4ZZZ

"Stunning dark-pop" - Cyn Collins

"Gloomy, dark, enigmatic" - Gimme Noise

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